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The Future of Learning is Already Here: Let’s Take Up the Call

“The Book I would pass to my children would contain no sermons, no shoulds and oughts.  Genuine love comes from knowledge, not from a sense of duty or guilt… My wish would be to tell, not how things ought to be, but how they are, and how and why we ignore them as they are.” […]

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The Starting Line is What You MUST Be (Not what You Should Be)

It seems like such a simple question, “Who are you?”  Yet you’ve almost certainly been taught to answer it wrong.  School, family, community, and nation tell you, “You are what you should be.” You are told that you are your role, your function for others, your bottom line, your possessions.  You are taught that you […]

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“Learning on the Leading Edge” (TM) of Online Business

The ground is moving underneath online business and social media.  If you want to be relevant in a few years, listen up! We all know how fast technologies can develop, but few people are paying attention to the meta trends in human growth, that which technology serves.  Answer correctly where human growth is going and […]

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The Zeus Experiment

So we are kicking off The Zeus Experiment. (There, see that, I already inserted a hyperlink with html code… baby steps, baby steps.) I am interested in creating not only an attractive, manageable site, but a real online business helping others transform their lives by transforming the way they learn.  And I am willing to […]

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