New Here?

The question used to be: “Is there room for a different thinker and doer?”

The question is now: “How do we support and develop our different thinkers and doers?”

The world is changing dramatically.  New challenges are emerging that are comprehensive, interconnected, and complex.  Yet, somehow, our learning has not caught up with this reality.  We continue to emphasize mastery of learning content even as information is available at a keystroke.

We attempt to “reform” education by switching teaching methods, yet we keep the same assumptions about what learning is… reproducing knowledge, and maybe slowly adding on an innovation or two.

Citizen Zeus is about transforming knowledge by transforming learning rapidly and directly.  This means we examine with new eyes “why” we learn.  This means we connect with the “who” of the learner, including the non-conventional learner, the so-called learning disabled, the cultural creative, the misfit, and the oddball, the brilliant and the lost, as an essential source of intelligence.

Citizen Zeus operates under an engaged wisdom that embraces the present need for every heart, soul, body, and mind to be engaged and for the genius in every person to be fully offered and connected to the world.

Citizen Zeus discussion, blogging, services, and products are dedicated to this project: unleashing the individual learner, connecting the learner with ever more powerful forms of community learning, and applying this active, “citizen” knowledge creatively to our tough problems and promising opportunities.