About Dr. Zeus


Zeus Yiamouyiannis, Ph.D., is founder and chief operator of CitizenZeus.com.  His desire to develop progressively more effective and responsive forms of learning have led him on an odyssey through nearly every sphere in the education arena from tutoring, to school teaching, to research and policy, to education professor, to charter schools, to think-tanks leading discussions on the future of learning.

Dr. Zeus is a learning consultant and professional developer who transforms the ability of individuals and companies to learn how they learn.  His customized coaching multiplies the value of current organization and training, accelerates performance, sparks useful conceptual thinking, identifies gaps, applies strengths, and improves communication, collaboration, and time effectiveness.

“I engage the learning process directly and show you that you aren’t “smart” or “stupid.”   You are a learner gaining the skills to “become smarter” in a way that works for your style AND produces real results in the world.

“I specialize in highly intelligent, creative, and non-conventional organizations and individuals looking to create new and powerful ways to bring their unique gifts and products into the world.  My coaching resolves two major needs in current professional development: 1) Making teaching or training ‘dig in’ and ‘stick’ with people in a lasting, growing, and meaningful way, and 2) Ensuring that training is successfully transferred across different arenas (departments, tasks, and job descriptions)… In other words I help to make external content become an internalized, mobile skill.”

Dr. Zeus is also a “learning activist.”  His experience has convinced him of the importance of de-institutionalizing learning and democratizing access to the power of learning.  Beyond degrees and titles, Zeus sees learning (vs. mere education) as a birthright to be engaged as adaptive, creative, rigorous engagement with the world and other people.

Dr. Zeus’s mission is to:  “Engage learning from an authentic place in you, to successfully embrace authentic challenges and opportunities in and beyond the world.”

He is at work on a book detailing his experience and methods called Mindflexing: Unleashing the Power of Transformative Learning.